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Compuflex has partnered with to create effective websites built on the Website Marketing Website Strategy Consultation.


No more "send me your content and we'll build you a website." We first determine the strategy and then build a website that meets the needs of your customer and the search engines. You know exactly what to expect from your website and decisions regarding online marketing are more strategic.

Visitors to the website easily identify with your products and services and are able to transact easily. 

The Website Marketing Strategy Consultation

Traditionally websites supported the bricks and mortar business, now the bricks and mortar support the website. The Website Marketing Strategy Consultation has been carefully crafted to crystalise exactly what your website is going to do and how it's going to do it. We focus on giving the customer exactly what they want in the way they expect to find it.  

Presentation of your website plan

When the marketing plan is ready a secure login to is created and you will be able to see a visual presentation of your websites marketing plan. There will be several 'aha' moments as the strategy is brought to life in this interface. Only when the marketing has been confirmed do we start to build the website.

Build the Website according to the plan

The Website Marketing strategy is now used as the blue print for the design of the website. The content is uploaded, functionality tested and an audit conducted to make sure it meets the marketing requirements. You are now able to test and browse the site as your customers would.

Take the website live and monitor the activity

Once all is in place the site is ready for launch. Google analytics is integrated and the reports prepared. Now the work really starts as we keep a close eye on the site and look for ways to continually improve performance.

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