Compuflex has its retail Store located in the Seaside Village Shopping Mall in Big Bay, Cape Town.

From this shop, we sell an extensive range of Computer, CCTV, Security, and other technology based products and accessories. All our products are of the highest standard, and our friendly sales team are always available to help you find the best solution for all your requirements.

Note that we also have a new Internet & Business Centre located in the store where you can surf the Internet, Print, Copy, Scan, Laminate, and Send or Receive emails.



Due to our long history in the Computer and Technology industry, we have the technical know-how to help you with all your repairs, big and small.


Data Recovery:

We offer in-house data recovery on all your media products. We have the facilities to recover data from hard drives right up to servers and raid systems. As we have a strong footprint in the CCTV and Surveillance sector, we also offer the service to extract and safely backup any video footage from the majority of surveillance recorders.


Virus, Malware, and Spyware Removal:

Viruses, Malware, and Spyware are a huge threat in everyday computing. Together with our Data Recovery facilities, we have the expertise to backup and remove any harmful Viruses or Malware you may have on your home, work, or corporate computers.


SLA Agreements:

We offer a wide range of Service Level Agreements to sustain YOUR needs. We shall evaluate your site, (free of charge) and offer a maintenance plan that would best suit your requirements.



As your business grows, we continually assess your networking structure, and advise you well in advance if software or hardware upgrades are required. This will ensure the smooth running of your operation, and allow you to accurately budget for your expansion.


Remote Repairs:

Our engineers are well trained and versed on the software side of your File Servers. On average, 80% of the calls logged relating to a Server fault are resolved quickly via our remote login console. A mere 20% of the faults require our technician to actually visit your site.