Dome IP Cameras

Uniview Dome IP POE Cameras are high performance quality CCTV network surveillance cameras commonly employed for High Definition security footage.

Dome cameras are commonly used in surveillance systems inside of homes, casinos, retail stores, and restaurants. This is because dome cameras are more fashionable and blend in very well to their surroundings. Because of their dome shape, it is difficult for someone to tell which direction the lens of a Dome Camera is actually aiming.

When shopping for a Dome Camera, you should consider if you need night vision, in which case you should look at an infrared dome camera. If the area that you are installing your camera is susceptible to vandalism or tampering, you should consider installing a vandal dome camera. A varifocal dome camera gives you the flexibility to adjust the focal distance of the camera lens to exactly where you need it.

Compuflex offers combinations of all of the above mentioned types of IP POE Dome Cameras in the Uniview range of products.

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Showing all 12 results